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Why do we pay teachers a pittance, and pay people who play sports/games millions? (Isn't there

something fundamentally wrong with that mentality?) Teachers put up with a lot more sh!t than any of the athletes; they deserve a lot more than what they get!!!!
Born Fool:

Way serious questions tonight. I'd ask if you have a bug up your butt but I can see on the avatar it's not so ;-)


Teachers nurses, police, they all deserve more. I agree with you 100% This country sends a really poor message out there to our younger generation. I wish you could have watched 20 20 last night it opened my eyes up to a lot of things that are wrong with this country! Very good question 1hotnurse.


Thank you Junebug:) I am at work right now; so I have not watched anything; just a slow night, so I thought I would ask a few questions. I agree with you; there are a lot of things wrong with this country.


Your right, there is definitely something wrong with that but I guess the powers that be would rather pay athletes huge bucks so they can teach children how to take steroids and run dog fights...


You have made some good points too; but of course those are hot topics too that people could go on and on about:) Thank you for answering:)

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

cable...entertainment(most parents consider school daycare)....priorities


I think that a lot of parents do look at school in that way. Parents need to support teachers more and volunteer at the schools; this would show their children how much they really care about their education and may be the first step in helping children become more interested in school and so better.

Born Fool:

Supply and demand. Because there are literally hundreds of thousands of teachers (all employed) and only a relative few who can play sports at the professional level. Teachers probably deserve more. If it weren't for all theadministrative overhead with thousands of school districts all doing the same thing in different counties never mind states they might be able to get more. Every extra nickel a teacher gets comes from the pockets of people like me.


You have hit the nail on the head; it is mostly because of how teachers are paid; where their salaries come from. Maybe the government should allow more of the money from the lotteries to be paid to the teachers and the schools.


You are Absolutely correct. Teaching is one of the lowest paid professions. Why? Because peoples priorities are messed up. Americans are happier watching sports and pretending we do not have a crisis within our youth population. We can all do our part. It really does take a community to raise a child. Try getting volunteer work at schools, or after school tutoring, etc. Maybe one day our gov't will get it 2gether.


Let's see, people pay millions to watch sports and there is nothing entertaining about teachers so no one pays to watch them. Get hot teachers and I would pay to be in their classes and so would others. (Thats a joke for anyone getting ready to comment on that)

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

Moot was a librarian and after 32 years of service....she's still smokin'...we do it Dewey Decimal style


It's a joke if you can't see why people ARE commenting on the question!


I agree; sports are entertaining; but teachers are such an important part of our children's lives. We need treat them better and give them the support they deserve; this can be financially or just by volunteering and showing your kids you care about their education.


The two are probably not good comparisons but I will agree that we do not pay the teachers nearly what we expect them to know or accomplish with our youth. The teachers realize that it is a low paying job when they take it but generally they do so because they feel that they can help. They, however, are held hostage to the wage system and in essence continue to not make the money they should. As for the athletes that is the problem with the american people who like sports and are willing to pay any price to see them. Because of this the owners make a fortune, they are required to pay the players a fortune and the spectators pay a high price also. Is it all right, no, but it is the american way!


Very true bullshipper; it is the american way; a way that most will not ever understand. I am very impressed with most of the teachers my children have had and have now. They go the extra mile for the children; and they really do care about each child as an individual. They care enough to call home with any concern and they even call to say how well a child is doing; which I really appreciate; kids need praise just like they need discipline.


Mainly because nobody is making millions from teachers. It should be TOTALLY different! Hi, 1hotnurse, glad to see ya back, girl! (I mean, YOUR back). Heh heh.


You are right too billy kid!!! and good to see ya;)


Sports figures get market rates. Schools are mostly controlled by government-run monopolies, so teachers have to accept what they get.

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