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Survey: Please Take!

1. Male/Female2. Your Age3. In your opinion, what is fear?4. List of your fears.Please take this survey, its for my science project, which is do pretty soon! Please HELP!!!

1. Female
2. 37
3. Anything that causes an adrenaline rush
Scary movies
Enclosed spaces
Worms (I'm not kidding)
Hope that helps. ;>)


1. Female
2. 32
3. Uncertainty of the unknown
4. failure


loved your answer. just a clue. K was a picture of a hand. and NOW. you can K now. God bless.


Nice answer it sounds something like mine.
Wish best of luck for you to get succeed in your life
Best of Luck DiAnne :)


loved your answer.....and agree with you -unknown should scare everobody..god bless


1. female
2. 20
3. anything that causes a good adrenaline rush
4. car accidents, criminals, drowning, loosing my parents and sisters.


male 64. DEATH. people NOT understanding death. have a good day.


1. Male

2. 31

3. A feeling that causes extreme uneasiness in you.

4. Not having enough money, extreme speed, certain horror movies.


1) Male
2) 19
3)Your negative thinking which governs your mind. Or things which you don't know about .
4) tempory fears of exam which are (resolved after result) . My family espically my brother has alots of hopes related with me a fear that i will not fulfil his hope...


Hey whitters nice servy with cool question.
Wish you best of luck in your project.
I appreciate these kinds of survey....
Good luck :) ;)


1. male
2. 40 years old
3. Fear is that sensation of end of your life that paralyze you and blind your reactions.
4. None

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