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I can't join any games online when playing Battlefield 2 (details below)

The punkbuster" feature keeps kicking me out with the same reason: "Inadequate O/S Privileges" I'm running on Vista maybe thats why...But I downloaded the 1.4 (latest) patch from EA and I still can't join. Help!!!Thanks in advance

you'll never get anywhere with EA, even on 2142 they still refuse to give propper vsta support.

anyhow, it is indeed punkbuster thats at fault, first things first is to download the latest punkbuster client manually by going to punkbusters home page, downloading the app then once its installed search for 2142 and check for updates
second thing you will have to do is run the game in admin mode with XPsp2 compatability, todo this right click on the icon and go to properties then compatability and tick those two boxes.

thirdly make sure that your firewall isnt blocking it, easiest way to check is to turn it off and try again, if it works then its firewall rules that need amended, there is a WHOLE bunch of other problems with vista and the BF series but most of that is around in-game advertising, it seems vista doesnt like it either but the game refuses to work without it!

if youveturned UAC on or off AFTER you installed the game its best to reinstall it, UAC being on forces files to be writien elsewhere and if its then tuned off the game wont find them!


whoops, dont search for 2142, search for BF2, silly mistake!

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