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How can I make my '78 Vw Van more earth friendly? Should I convert to natural gas or propane?

Right now it's gotta brand new engine, but will only get 18-22 mpg. I really don't want to convert to diesel, the smell makes me sick... Any suggestions would be helpful...Thanks,Cp

How would using Natural gas or propane make the car more earth friendly? I would go for diesel, run bio diesel in it that would accomplish your goal.


Buy a new car.


I don't think so, I think they were still using steel and chrome back then, not plastic and fiberglass, you are probably carrying a heavier load because of the quality of material they used. Adjust the carb settings, new fuel filter, and add a catalytic converter, and drive slower is all I can suggest....


Carefully selected performance parts will give you better mileage by extracting more power from the fuel. A hi-voltage ignition, performance tuned intake and bigger exhaust system will all help. Here is one source...

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