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Sacramento Community Family Resources.

Should we have took the money we have spent on the war and bought Mexico?

Everyone in Mexico has their price, If we just buy Mexico we won't have to build a fence.

Should we have took? tisk tisk....

Should we have


and then they would completely bankrupt our welfare system...Studies actually show annexing Mexico is more costly then building a fence and patrolling the border.

Sacramento Community Family Resources.:

Well what about the resources. We might need more land in the future.
Did they take into account what happens when land values rise?
If Mexico had an honest government it might be profitable.


If we bought or annexed Mexico, they wouldn't need an honest government because they would be apart of the United States' less then honest government. U.S. citizans are already allowed to buy land in Mexico.


Who does studies comparing annexing a foreign nation versus building walls? Are there really people who consider buying Mexico an option?

Sacramento Community Family Resources.:

I consider it an option.
But then that's just me.


It's just not something I hear much. Then again, no reason it's not an option.

I dunno, i just see the annexation of Mexico as the annexation of Mexico's problems. They too have illegal immigration from the south, and are much less liberal in combating it than America.


Athanasius, I haven't seen a study concerning buying Mexico. Here's an article online, however, the article I read in The Economist was SO much better then this one as it did a study on how much money annexing Mexico would cost our welfare system.​o/


If Mexico is to be annexed they'll have to do it like Texas did it, start a revolution, get help, win, run the Lone Star Nation for a year with no infrastructure, then, have the people VOTE to annex to the states or face a return to the old government taking the land back.

Literally Speaking ™:

The U.S. is not interested in aquiring any territories either by monetary supplements or by force, we have our chunk or earth, we just wish to keep it healthy and safe.


We should have taken the money spent in Iraq and used it to attack terrorists.


That sure has turned out to be an expensive oil exploration project.

Sacramento Community Family Resources.:

Osama wanted to bankrupt us and if you have watched the news lately you have to wonder if his plan is going to work.


The war always should have been fought by the CIA, with actual combat done either by Seals or farmed out to rival terrorist organizations. It's a shame that our government seems infatuated with the idea of a big, visible show of how mighty we are.


Hey Athanasuis, question for you think Bush's liberal use of the word Terrorism has actually cause more fear towards Middle Easterners and the Muslims then if he had utilized a different word, or phrased the sentence differently? I guess this question would be better if I phrase it: Has Bush, through the use of Terrorism and actions, made the U.S. fear and hate Muslims.


Have you been to Mexico? It's a completely different culture and there would really no difference if we annexed them or not. It would still be like 2 different countries.

Besides, It seems like we already own Rocky point.

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