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Why is it necessary to back in to parallel park in a tight space?

I've never seen someone successfully parallel park in two smooth motions when going in head first. This only happens when they back in first, then pull forward.When parking in regular straight (perpendicular) parking, people back in sometimes, or otherwise go in head first. Why doesn't it work for parallel parking?My theory is that it has to do with people being better at steering when going forward - you get the car in approximately and then fine tune it going forward. But then again.... should you be able to fine tune your direction going backwards?
Just Me:

Boy, that's a tough one, but a sore subject with me. Because of it, I failed my driving test 2 x. Now driving over 50 years, I stilll have a hard time, I look for parking lots - saves a lot of heartache.


Sorry to hear that - but I'm glad you eventually passed the test!


You could parallel park going forward (or even sideways, really) if you had four-wheel steering. Otherwise, you have to treat the car like a wheelbarrow--doing the major alignment with the steering (front) wheels at the "rear" of the vehicle (meaning the end opposite the direction the car is moving).


Good analogy


In reality. It is because when you are backing in, the wheels in the rear of the car are guided in as deep as you need to go, and the front steering tires guide the front of the car into place by following. When you pull in forward. Your steering tires go in to the point that they need to be, but that does not allow enough room for the rear tires to track in straight behind them.


Good explanation - thanks.


The steering is controlled from the front of the vehicle. This allows the rear to be positioned to be steered backwards and allows the front end to be pulled in after most of the maneuver have taken place (like tucking in the latter end),


This is true - thank you.


i think that it has to do with the fact that you can see the front of your car better than the back... i have always had a hard time parking, in any direction LOL


That makes sense - thanks!


I guess you didn't pay attention in trigonometry class?

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