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QB Kate

After 75 years, why can't GM build a driver friendly truck? My new 2009 is not driver friendly


Just curious, if you're going to fork out the dough for a brand spankin' new trunk, why in bob's sake don't ya fork out a little more for one ya really like?

QB Kate:

This was all I could afford. Used trucks are more expensive than new trucks.


GM doesn't really like drivers, never have and probably never will. I think they purposefully skimp on the ergonomics engineering. Part of their brand image in my mind is raw power, size, and durability at the expense of comfort. The build vehicles for tough men (and women), you know, the type who will sit on a pile of tacks and pour salt in their eyes if it means they can have 300hp at their disposal and the ability to pass others with ease. If folks see their vehicles as an extension of their persona, GM is a no-nonsense, stoical tough guy. Strong and silent, a bit of a cowboy.

QB Kate:

Truck runs fine, but inside is just a bunch of stuff thrown together. No rhyme or reason for location. 3 coin storage pockets. Coins all fall out when you accelerate.
What's a CD?


What's wrong with it John. I'd seriously like to know.

QB Kate:

Well, the mirror is not big enough to do my make up properly while driving on the freeway. Heavens, I have no place to store my makeup bag behind the seat. How could one cope with this kind of neglect of priorities?

QB Kate:

Ok, seriously. I bought the cheap regular cab variety. The door knob is located under the arm rest and hard to access. The window handle is also hard to turn because it is the same place. Why not put the knobs and handles 3 inches forward and less arm rest? Door post is 6 inches wide, big blind spots. Wipers don't clean 15% of passenger side window. Window is 15% smaller than my 97 C1500. Rear window fogs up with 2 people in truck for no reason. Both glove compartments are so small the owners manual doesn't fit in either, wasted space. Two cup holders on back of 3rd seat. If you put 3 people in truck, no cupholders. No storage behind seat. Seats don't fold forward enough to access behind the seat. Interior space is 15% smaller than my 97 truck.
It drives well, seats are comfy, lots of power. (4.3Eng) 2wd. Short box.


you don't like the emergency brake do you? And the seat belt connectors sit up so high you can't lay down., huh

QB Kate:

What's an emergency brake? Do all cars have them?What are they used for? This is all news to us poor country bumpkins. I thought you just cut all the brake lines when you buy a new car.


Orbdeblu, they're called "Parking brakes" now!


Cause the people who engineer them, don't BUY them, or, have to work on them!


No vehicle is driver friendly. All fight against the driver.

QB Kate:

my old truck was very friendly, a 1997 Chev C1500, so I thought the new one was the same.

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