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My phone number is in the National Do Not Call Registry, why am I still getting calls from....

telemarketing? My number has been on the registry for a month or two

If you have ever signed up for a drawing like for a free car or something, Read the fine print on the back of the form, sometimes it says something about the calling you even if your name is on the Do Not Call List


chances are you have had dealings with them before or the list doesnt apply to them.... some are exempt from that list...

ask them to take you off their list... that might help some


Okay, thanks.


cause no one really cares dont feel lonely


I remember reading about the Do Not Call Registry will soon expire.
Now whenever I get a call from a salesman, I immediately say "No thanks." and hang up.


I'd also like an answer to this question.

Odd story, though... when I received a call from a "survey" telemarketer, I interrupted his little rant to ask him if he was at all familiar with the National Do Not Call registry. He ignored me and continued with his scripted nonsense. I interrupted him again and asked him the same question, and if he couldn't answer it, to direct me to someone in his company who did.



Usually when this happens to me, I start cussing and yelling at them.


you probably got added after they have been able to call you so they can still call you*that's just my guess


I don't know if you have or anybody in your family has,but, when people fill out those cards to win lets say that new car at the mail. You give those people permission to call you also they sell your number to other people. unfortunately if someone puts a fake number down and it happens to be yours your stuck.



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