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So you believe there should be a mandatory retirement age?

Do you think a person couldbe to old to do certain jobs. Why is maturity valued for some things and not others?

You must work somewhere in government. Your institutionalized arrogance is showing. ;-)


There already are mandatory retirement ages for some job descriptions -- airline pilots being one. If the job requires skills or strengths that diminish with age, reassign the hard workers to other jobs, but NEVER force them to stop working. NEVER!

I also know of several construction workers in their seventies that are as capable as workers in their twenties. If they are up for the game, who's to say that they have to be lead out to pasture. (Pardon the juxtapositioning of metaphores.)

Please note the "Related Question" at the bottom of the page. It is a VERY GOOD thing that so many people are unwilling to call it quits in their sixties. That keeps money flowing into Social Security to help pay the bills for those less fortunate and those less motivated.

Personally, I intend to NEVER retire. I may cut my workweek down to 40 hours, but I will never retire until the "dirt nap". Count on it.


I do not plan on retiring either. The only thing I could think of when I was thinking of the question is something like a drag racer. Your reflexes do slow a bit. You could still race though. I have always been blessed with having jobs that I look forward to. So retiring because of a number seems silly. Thanks for your opinion.

2 Cents:

I read somewhere that the mandatory retirement age and the 16 year old and older age for employment are creations of UNIONS. Some union members (long ago) decided that the old people had their chance to earn money, and the young ones were taking jobs away from them. So.. they invented retirement ages and no one work under 16. Neat, hunh.
No, I know, and I bet you know lots of people who work past their retirement ages. And even if they 'retire' they will get another job and work just as hard as they did at the one they retired from. Maybe not doing the same work, but work anyway.

With maturity comes experience, and the ability to 'do the job right', and often teach the younger ones the way to do the job.
Sometimes older people have health problems that prevent them from doing a job as well as they used to. For instance one fellow I worked with ... took early retirement because of his health. I won't say what it was, but we all sighed a sigh of relief.

Also, the employer can hire someone younger to take a workers place for a lot less money. Hmm. I have seen that happen.. not someone retiring for a person to be hired for less money, but an employee I knew had been at the company for a year and was earning less than the new hires without his experience or education in the same job. That was a real eye-opener. He went to the Union, and sooon the ones at his level were compensated for the ummm 'mistake'.
And I'm probably wrong about some of this, but I tried to answer your questions.


You did a brilliant job answering my question. If I had wanted and "experts" opinion I would have looked for answer elsewhere. Thank you for sharing your opinion, and experience.


I'm against mandatory retirement age.


That seems to be the majority opinion sofar. Thanks for your post.

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