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Has America lost it's poor? How do we find them to give them the $200 billion?

Can't use youtube. Love your name!! You should be honored.


Hello, elexa. I thought youtube was OK as long as you didn't post lyrics. These nuts believe that just because musical lyrics are copywrite material that posting them is a violation of that copywrite. That is why Ze' keeps getting banned. Prior to the Reagan days the law stated that copywrite material required a copywrite stamp to accompany it. It still applies to musical lyrics and all copywrite material before 1986. The dummies who have taken this position for Microsoft do not understand copywrite law.


No, No, I am sorry....I should have is fine....I am deaf and do not hear it!!!! Your fine...You should be proud to be hated by the Republicans!! :)


You can find many of them in the families of the soldiers who so valiantly, and in the case of this particular conflict, vainly fight for us. They are ripped from their homes, jobs, and families, and not taken care of when they return. Worse, their families are not properly taken care of when our soldiers are gone (either from home or from earth). The poor are easily found, and it is getting easier everyday.


magicman. I think that's a great idea. I can remember the struggle it took to make ends meet when I was in the military. It requires substantial rank to get to the middleclass pay range. They deserve a shot in the arm.

I don't think it is that hard to find the poor either. Many just see through them because they have ignored them so long.


Can I get an AMEN?!


AMEN and be blessed.

Doctor Woot:

yes twice, blessings and His peace be with thee.


must have but lost to illnesses.


america needs to sink that money into educating them and finding them legal work. that is how the economy works. we are not helping the poor by facilitating them by just giving them money. i here too many stories of how some people in this beautiful country are abusing the system. it was designed to help those who came into hard times to get back on their feet, not to live off of the rest of their lives while the rest of us support them. i have my own family to take care of. more policies need to be established to prevent welfare abuse. ok...i ranted.


Momma. I am talking about the economic stimulus plan. All economist agree that the economic stimulus is the greatest by giving the money to people who will spend it. That spreads the money throughout the economy in the quickest manner and creates a multiplying effect because the money doesn't disappear. It keeps changing hands and stimulates economic growth in a slow economy, and creates jobs.

Education is a long term solution. Even educated people can be out of work in a bad economy.


I am right here.. just get in touch with me and I will meet up with you to claim it. ☺


Hello, Gonzo. You need to check with the government for that. My guess is it will be a tax rebate.


Hey, Gonzo, let's start a claiming party. I'm so poor that roaches come out at night and PUT crumbs on the floor (one day, I might even get enough money for a table) lol


No; they were probably misplaced, misfiled, or (and the most often occurring) misguided.

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