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What is your dream "JOB" (besides nothing)

Slap Daddy:

I think I would like to build high end gaming rigs, Nothing I love better than toying with the latest and greatest hardware, and make a fortune doing it.

Slap Daddy:

ooo ooo or a hardware reviewer, You get engineering samples for free, and you get to see how high you can over clock stuff, that would seriously rock.



Spencer Lunsford:

I don't think I could honestly answering "Nothing!" anyway.
Now... this may sound rather odd, but the first time I ever took a trip to California I walked down the Santa Monica pier and there was this guy playing his acoustic guitar and singing. He had a bucket absolutely filled with money. The friend I was with asked how often he did this and the guy said, "I come down here five days a week and do this. I make a comfortable enough living, and I love it!"
Now THAT is what I would do if I could do anything... Strange, right?


I would actually love to solve 'cold cases'! Can you imagine how exciting that kind of job would be!!! I would probably be very good at it; but on the downside, I would probably get too involved.


i used to have my dream job......a software engineer (posh name i was given for a computer games tester) all the jobs ive done since then, although they may be better pay or more worthwhile..........that job was the only one that never felt like work.





Born Fool:

clearly you haven't been a supervisor. You get crap from those above you and those below you. Then there's all the paperwork evaluations making sure the subordinates comply with policy and procedure. Better off being one of the " line" than a supervisor.


archaeologist! and of course zookeeping as well, but i already get to do that! so i guess i sort of have one of my dream jobs.


honestly? to sing. My dream job would be to be a singer.. I don't need to be famous or anything like that, but I would love to be able to sing as a profession. I would be content with being the entertainment at a really nice restaurant or something.

Oh, but can you sing?


why yes, yes I can. and I love to do it. granted, I could be a lot better if I didn't smoke, but I still have a beautiful voice. :)


Even though my job is very stressful this year, I am doing my dream job :D I am an assistant teacher for pre-school.

take care


me too!!!


Don't you just love it Eye candy? The children just make my days so much better :)

Take care

J Man:

To be hired and get an excuse why I can not be hired

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