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Did you hear on the news where 3rd shift jobs are related to cancer??


really got some good answers on this one!


I saw an article recently that there was a medical study regarding this issue. I can only hope that the next article and study that comes out is a contradiction to the first. It seems that every few years we go through these cycles that one person says yes and the next one to study says no....

(shrugging shoulders while plugging in air freshener and drinking coffee)


Yes. and so are the wick airfreshners that are plugged in my bathroom wall.


didn't hear that one- unplug that thing! I'm not suppose to eat bologna or drink coffee either!! lol


No smoking! No drinking! No laughing! No sleeping on feather pillows! You'll get cancer! ;-)


Really, I need to get rid of mine then I am the airwick King!


That surprises me. The 3rd shift jobs are usually much more laughter filled and pleasant than the 1st shifter w/ chips on their shoulders and the 2nd shifters who drink themselves silly after work. That's what I recall from industrial medicine reports. :)



I only "sort of" agree with you. Third shift is generally more relaxed because you don't have management in the building watching over your shoulder. You can dress down without everyone complaining (sometimes).

Because lunchtime falls just before "last call" on third shift, there are those who will take advantage and "loosen up" during lunch...making the rest of the shift VERY interesting....


Yes and I believe it third shift jobs blow.


I've come to the conclusion that LIFE causes cancer so we're all affected!!!!


You nailed that one Mimi!


thanks retts!

There are too many things to name that cause cancer, so we might as well admit's all around us...


I know I'm trying to hold my breath so I don't get cancer!lol


lol holding your breath!


Well, I hope not. I work 3rd shift, have for years... oh, God, I'm screwed...

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