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Should I bring a cover letter?????

I am returning to the work force after 2 years and I was contacted by a recruiter for an insurance sales position. My interview is today and I was wondering if I should write a cover letter to present with my resume????
Coca Cola Bear:

First Impressions Last!
Covering letters create a good first impression and you want it to be a positive one. It is your chance to convince the employer that you have the relevant skills and qualifications and why you would be a good fit.
Good luck, and happy writing
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My husband works in HR... People tend to just look at the resume and want one they can read quickly. Make it as compact as possible, not like 5 pages. Condense and only add the important information, and an "objective" is not needed these days. Hiring Managers just want to look at the experience and education. You will have plenty of time to tell them what you would in a cover letter during the interview! Good luck!!


Also, you can always ask advice from the recruiter since they tend to know what that particular company will like or not like!




My husband also gave me some advice that each resume should be tailored to the particular position you are applying for. Make the first two bullets of each job experience on the resume try to match as close as possible to the job description you are applying for. Hope that helps. He told me that no one reads cover letters anymore... It's just an outdated thing these days. Companies are looking to hire people that have the exact same experience that the position requires. Hope this helps and makes sense. My hubby is a VP!! Good luck!!


Yes you sould use cover letter.


You should write a letter but dont call it a 'cover' letter. Just call it an explaination or a letter from you covering your reasons. A 'cover note' is usually written by someone else like a doctor to cover you legally. If you give the impression you have a letter from the doctor and you wrote it yourself you will have a misunderstanding maybe.
If you have such a long explaination maybe you would feel more comfortable with a letter written by the doctor. It may be more acceptable.


I can see you have no time for this one.


Since you were contacted by a recruiter they already know you. The need for a cover letter is to introduce yourself, state what position you are seeking and summarize your experience and it's relavence to that position. Being recruiting negates the need to do that. Just relax and give it your best. If the position is right for you then you will do just fine. Good luck.


Hi Jackie = )

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