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With all of the corporate subterfuge in America, who thinks

that somehow the big oil companies have their hand deep down in the ethanol cookie jar?

Whodwhat? Think they're doing some magic of there own, well hmmm. Ultramar, shell, esso, exxon, sussix, BP just to name a few have been subsidizing farms for so long, what's the difference...oh and all are doing research, blending fuels and so on...they have been paying farmers for decades with fencing, money for land access, money for road usages...all in excess of what poor farmer would ever had made from the land if it were farmed. Good, all the power to em. An if the energy producers are quelling the production of an ethanol based fuel, good. The crop "renewable resource" required to produce grain alcohol is difficult at best to grow, strips the soil of remaining nutrients, requires enormous amounts of water and so on. Trade one for the other....oil and gas...,for grown ethanol. Be sure that id there will be a buck in it, the energy producers are into it up to the knees. Good. Doesn't look like the farmer has the savvy to turn the value added crop into much now does it. Subterfuge, ya lots of that but really, energy companies have publicly embraced the idea of crop grown ethanol as a fuel source, of course they have. Gee, this is like ...imagine, a company producing a machine to replace the horse......ethanol has been being used as a fuel and a fuel blend Oh, and as part of the sweetening proccess in natural gas since um...I don't know, the first ford car rolled off the line...yep, ethanol powered...hmmmm..Ethanol blends are predominate in northern climates as a winter fuel to assist in preventing gas line freezing....ethanol chillers used on process to assist in gas dehydration.....Disappointed, always thought you were more informed on the topics you chose.


Don't be disappointed. I had already figured all that out but thought it might open up an interesting discussion "among the troops". The question was semi rhetorical. lol.


Thanks MM, I knew you to be of the intelligent side around here. Thought the q was a bit out of character...just workin the magic.....


Gotta have fun sometime. I am an entertainer, you know.


wouldnt surprise me at all....


With the absurd "incentives" (government subsidies) used to promote the inefficient fuel Ethanol, "big oil" had no choice but to take the bait. We do not need any more "energy welfare" programs.

OF COURSE "BIG OIL" IS INVOLVED WITH "ALTERNATE FUELS". Hell, many already have committed billions of dollars to moronic "Global Warming" programs, because that is where the NEXT rape of the American taxpayer will occur.

Buy oil stocks now to share in the greed.

Incidentally, "big government" sticks it to the American taxpayer by robbing "big oil" of TWICE the amount per gallon that "big oil" earns for all of their hard work and financial risk.

Please get your priorities straight. Worry about big government, not big corporations.

Lastly, the slime that slithers the halls of Congress is contemplating adding another 40-cents per gallon in gas taxes. Are you ready for $3.50 per gallon gas (and up)?


My priorities are straight. I worry about big oil AND big government. I am more than well aware of the abuses of big government "by the people" (should be "by some people"). It's just that those abuses are better documented. Not as much of a chance for subterfuge. Notice I did not say, "no" chance for subterfuge. Plenty of that going on too.


I'm with you Magicman....Big Government and Big Companies go hand in hand...remember Teddy Roosevelt's battle?! Monopolies are still indeed alive...look at the Pharmaceutical industry.


Corn is a commodity.Oil industry sees it for making ethanol fuel stocks supply,for E85.
Crude oil is a commodity,priced and supplies from bids in the Chicago commodity markets.Also,corn.
They need to have you paying higher prices.Alternative fuels will need them long-term finances,loans and bonds.Already,oil industry carries long-term debts for oil.


That is exactly what I was thinking. Money sure has its own distinctive scent doesn't it.


yes they do.


most likely


Probably the gov't sure is pushing it even though there are other more viable options and the way its being done is all wrong! Yep sounds like it to me!


Of course they do! Big oil companies may not always be ethical. but they're not stupid. They realize that petroleum is a limited resource and I'm sure they've already made plans to get into renewable energy products for when we've exhausted the oil supply.


Ethical, hmmmmm, I seem to remember that word. Aren't they taking that out of the dictionary? Seriously, though, that is spot on.


Do you know anyone so naive as to think otherwise?

Mexican Pride:

of course, they don't want to be left out in the cold. But have you thought about the bigger picture. Oil as a fuel is in demand because it is the traditional fuel and and the cheapest at the moment. The bigger picture is and if this figure is correct, 70 percent of the world population works with oil related products. Now imagine if you stop that tommorrow, most countries would not be able to feed their people, because most would be out of work. There are substitutes, but most of the world cannot afford to change over night. I don't think the usa could. So most have to be rational on the environmental side, and make the change in the fastest possible time to accomadate all. This will be the biggest single adaptation man has done till today. Imagine changing the world population overnight, not possible. People just don't want to change because its to easy to go on as it is. We as a people control what happens, lobby for the right things and push hard for enviromental stability. By the way corn is our heritage, sugar cane, which Brasil is using to make ethanol, is much cheaper to use. The politicians want to use corn to help our farmers,(in the corn belt states) but forget the south of the usa grows much sugar cane.
Yes the bigger company's are in vesting.


Once someone has a taste of power...they will not easily let it go.


Fredrick Douglass wrote, "Power concedes nothing without demands. It never has and it never will."

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