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How much money does Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have to lose to become Republicans?

Who is the third richest man?

loads more then we have.


They support both,Democrats and republicans.Democrats has been following the Bush republicans,all along now.


And how do you know this?


If (God forbid) Hillary gets elected, reality will set in.


Take a realistic look at what the economy did over the last 7 years. Compare it to the euro or the developing economies. Click my avatar if you don't know how to find economic links. I don't post propaganda like the right-wingers on here do. I post links from reliable sources that cannot be refuted.

Few could do worst than Bush. He did everything against good economic advice and the record shows it.


So handing over more of my hard earned money to the government is the answer? Don't think so. I know how to handle my money more than Hillary does. If you want to pay more taxes be my guest.


Look at the historical numbers and stop the rhetorical nonsense. There are ways to make an economy work and ways that don't. Having to pay interest on a tax break doesn't work. All that spending was with the Republicans having control of all the government. You will be paying for a long time for those few hundred dollars you received.

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