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can I return a car to the dealership that I brought last night?


You have the contract the answer is in it some states have a no cooling off period so no you cant. This prevents cars from being rented for free by buying and returning them.

2 Cents:

Comment deleted due to ignorance of author.

2 Cents:

No, you cannot. My son is a used car dealer and I finally got a chance to ask him. Sorry.
But if you bought a car that is a real lemon, many places will work with you to figure some solution out. My son usually offers to pay part of repair bill or some such if it is a relatively minor problem. He has many return customers because of his being so honest.


I think there is a claus not sure of the name of itbut it means cooling off period, put in there for the reason people getting caught up in the moment and high pressure sales pitch. Not sure how you go about it but there is a window and again I am not sure how long.....if you already picked up the car do not put anymore milage on it if you are going to return it..Gook luck


Your contract should say. If not contact another dealer and ask what there policy is and if they know the policy of the state.

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