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is it true there are something's you should not say, even if they are not { 4 letter words }


true. i know a few bad words that are more than 4 letters


Yes. There are a lot of people who use very large words to devalue others and cut them down. No matter what words are used it is always wrong to purposely hurt others. God Bless.


I am a believer that you should always try to speak appropriately for the situation you are in. For example, in a sport's locker room bad language is accepted as normal and does not normally offend. On other occasions you should be more careful not to offend or marginalize.
Having said that, some people go too far and create a pathetic, politically correct and sterile world where people are scared to say anything.
I think the answer is to think before you speak ... and speak with a smile on your face.


There are a lot of things that should not be said if they are meant to harm or disrespect. Quantity of letters doesn't matter.

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