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If a co-worker approached you and told you something in confidence about his illegal addiction

would you say something to your boss? Or just continue to encourage him to seek help?

Very difficult position to be in ... and could be different depending on the environment in which you work.
If your co-worker is not in a position to harm anybody then you are probably best trying to encourage him to seek help. The very fact that it was told to you suggests "a cry for help".
On the other hand, if you are in a workplace where harm could be done (operating machinery, medical situation, etc), I think you have a much harder job. Imagine how you would feel if, because of their addiction another, innocent, person was harmed? I think that if you are in this situation you have to report it but I would STRONGLY suggest that you spoke with your co-worker first and told them what you were going to do and why. It then gives them the chance to come forward first.
Good Luck - a tough situation to be in!


It is none of their boss's business unless it is affecting their job performance, or their attendance record. I would leave the Boss out of it. It would not help the person by getting them fired.


I just keep referring this guy to seek help at a local clinic. Wasn't sure if there was anything more I should or could do for him.


well I wouldn't tell the boss....


if it is seen and distracting tell if not their is not a lot that can be done and the boss might turn on you.


i agree totally wth Maddad and encourage help!!


I don't believe in "tattling" unless not doing so puts someone's health or well being in danger. If it's a job that this addiction can harm someone else, then I would encourage the person to tell the boss him/herself, and also encourage the person to ask for his boss' help. If help can be sought anonymously, then I would encourage that.


Sunrise, you never know how drugs will affect people. Some people who do this particular drug become hyper, over-emotional ect while others seem “normal” I have no desire to tattle, just wondered if there is something more I can do besides just encouraging him to seek treatment.

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