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IF a cars manufacturing sticker (inside the door) says 04/03 is it a 2003 or 2004 car?

dodge stratus... PLEASE HELP
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Call a dealer and have them run your VIN# that's the only way to tell for sure.


fantastic question....your car is indeed a can verify this by having your vin (vehicle identification number) decoded. unless the door has been replaced, that is. you can also look on the emission label under the hood to see what year emission standard the vehicle complies with. i can decode the number if you send an email to me without the number and i'll give further instructions from there.....


wow - I was sold a 2004 dodge stratus (in 2004) from a second hand dealership... inside the door the manufacturing date is 04/03... so it was actually a 2003 dodge stratus (as my husband pointed out to me recently). STORY: My husband was driving me to work because he had to take one of our sons to the doctor... he was pulled over for a broken taillight and found out that his license was revoked a month prior... MY car (in my name only) was impounded on a Thursday... I called the impound on Friday to confirm what the total would be... by Monday morning the bank had already repossessed my car (not for failure to pay)... I found out because I was calling them to inform them of what happened... they never even called to warn me or ask me about it... they auctioned my $21,000.00 for $3,000.00 and are trying to make me pay the rest... what is weird about it... I think the registration, title and what not say 2004 dodge stratus too? how could that be?


damn - I have a flippin 2004~ my vin# reads 2004 ;(


I might be wrong but I think that means it is a half year model 2003 and a half >Built between 03 and 04


like there were too many ordered for 2003 than manufactured so they fired up the line again to meet the demand


it's a 2003 2004 or any year model don't start until september


I bought a "2004" Dodge Stratus from a dealership... inside the door, it said manufactured 04/03... sounds like it was made in April 2003 right?... we have a lawsuit on our hands... lol

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Wrong Answer Andy, that's the way it used to be, times have changed.

I worked @ a Ford dealer for over 12 years and right near the end of that term is when they changed up, can't go by build date anymore.

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It threw me off balance as well, as an example, we had an 05 car come in from the factory that had a build of 01/04.




the sticker inside the door shows the date it was manufactured, like Andy said, the new model year starts before the actual year, just like you can go now and buy a 2008

No Hillary:

Simply look at your VIN and the 10th digit (17 total) is the Model Year. You're welcome!


your car was assembled in april of 2003.

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