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anybody in real estate appraising?or mortgage broker in new jersey


Probably so, but here is a national service that a real estate appraisers clients will have an interest in:


Sorry Realtor in New York State...


Here is an Appraiser resource that you will find invaluable ...

Mortgage brokers are becoming more and more rare. Use a phone book and the first one to actually answer their phone wins! (Most will be disconnected.)

Check their professional credentials and State licenses to be certain.

Avoid most Internet-based Mortgage Brokers and you shouldn't have any unpleasant surprises come closing time.


I am a licensed Realtor and Mortgage Lender in Minnesota. Although I am licensed to lend in 40 States, I try NOT to lend nationally unless there is no local broker to serve a customer.


i am a real estate appraiser and have many clients also ( my clients are mortgage brokers ) what is your mortgage company name? do you get leeds from other states?


i dont need one their are my client who give me work

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