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Nicole Grefe

Currently getting unemploy. weekly benefits. My 403B plan from previous employer requires transfer.

Experiencing hardship

You can take distributions without penalty beginning at age 59-1/2. If you keep all the money instead of rolling it over, it will be probaby be disasterous unless you can get an exemption to the 60-day rule. Here's a link to the IRS requirements for 401B's: -- Search hardship when you get to the page. Hardships listed are: In determining whether to grant a waiver, the IRS will consider all relevant facts and circumstances, including:
Whether errors were made by the financial institution;
Whether you were unable to complete the rollover due to death, disability, hospitalization, incarceration, restrictions imposed by a foreign country, or postal error;
Whether you used the amount distributed (for example, in the case of payment by check, whether you cashed the check); and
How much time has passed since the date of distribution.


Any money you keep out of the rollover is subject to regular income tax AND a 10% penalty.

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