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Is it "Greener" to buy a used internal combustion engine car or a new hybrid?

Brian P. O'Gorman:

Used, think of it as recycling.

John and Darlene:

Most of the time, it is greener to buy used. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to make a car, energy that won't need to be expended if you buy a used car. Also, your wallet will be much "greener" if you don't have to pay the current hybrid premiums. In my case, I have a 14 year old 4-door that I bought used a decade ago. If I'm careful on the highway, I can get 40 MPG, 30+ in the city. Given that I only drive it about 9000 miles/year, it would take roughly forever for the hybrid to start saving me money.

When they become more common, your best bet would be to buy a used hybrid.

QB Kate:

Has anyone even asked, who will be able to recycle these batteries when they expire? Would you buy a 6 yr old hybrid knowing you will have to spend $2000 on new batteries by 8yrs old?

John and Darlene:

Oh, yes. Lot's of folks have asked... it's one of the biggest problems facing hybrids. As to your question about buying a 6 year old hybrid, the price you'd be willing to pay would take that battery pack replacement into account. Would you buy a car knowing you'll have to replace the engine? Sure, if the price is right.

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