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Where does Costco Warehouse get their gasoline ( What oil company supplies them ? )

I am interested in the name of the refinery or oil company that supplies the Costco warehouses with their gasoline.



catita : What proof do you have for me that Costco Warehouse buys their gasoline from Venezuela ?? The reason that I need to knoe the answer to this question is I will NOT buy any gasoline that is imported from another nation outside of the USA . presently I buy HESS GASOLINE because it is from the good old USA ! The way to hurt the giant oil companies is to NOT BUY their gasoline and buy from the little guy that is refining the oil from this country and watch the price drop !


Have fun bicycling.




Lisa - 007
What proof do you have to submit to me that Costco Warehouse buys their gasoline from Texas ? I want to know what Oil Company they use ! Exxon Mobile , B P ,Sunoco , Gulf , Shell , Etc , Etc , Etc Now do you get the picture ???


my research shows that costco get thier gasoline from the same company 76 stations do. which is from alaska.


this answer is of deep research in contacting costco and other gas stations as well as the oil company itself.















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