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US Presidents Office for sale. Why would anyone spend 100 million dollars for a $400,000 Job?


It's not the salary, it's the power, prestige, and being part of shaping world history.


$400,000? That obviously doesn't include the money from special interest groups and large corporations being slipped to them under the table. Not to mention, The $100 million isn't theirs to begin with. It to belongs to the same special interest groups and large corporations "donated" to the campaign in hopes of the candidate being elected in which case they can cash in their chips at a later point in time.


Exactly that is what my mother said. But as you can see, some people are extremely power hungry. beacuse technically since the US is the most powerful country due to our technology, the president is the most powerful person on earth.


Not exactly. The president still has to go through congress.

Just Browsin:

It's the true dedication and sacrifice that one can give to their country to try to help the country. However it is also a power thing... the prestige. being in charge being the most important person in the US of .A. Not to mention they make millions, if not more after leaving office and have everything they need for the rest of their lives,,

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