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How do you cash a VISA Traveler Cheque issued to you by someone else and it isn't your own bank?

I received a VISA traveler Cheque from out of state and issued by CITICORP I am wondering do I go to Citicorp or to my bank?

If you have a checking or savings account then just take it to your bank and deposit it after you endorse it in front of the teller.
Travelers Checks are prepaid checks, and unless they have been reported stollen or lost they should be good. It is up to your own bank to determine how long before it can be posted to your account as cleared funds.


i bet they come in handy with all your exciting world travels!! Hi Cyber are you?


Yes they do, in some places it is the only acceptable means of making a purchase or deal. Like I said because they are prepaid, it is almost the same thing as carrying cash without all of the exchange rate headaches. You can convert these same as cash anywhere, and then you know what the exchange rate is by denominations you are most familiar with.

Hello to you lvn4hm....I 'm doing fine, and you?


well, my life is humdrum compared to yours!!! but I am good, thanks for asking!


Believe me when I tell you there are days I would trade you for the humdrum as you call it. I get so tired of running here and there.

It is one thing to be able to take the time you want to enjoy traveling and then there is work related travel that affords you little, to no time, to enjoy anything.

Always on the go running around living out of bags and attache' cases is not my idea of fun. I can honestly count on 1 hand how many times in the last 10 years I have been able to really take the time and enjoy the business trips.
So I have to force myself to take the time as it becomes available to go and enjoy a little social living or complete down time. So as events allow I 'm off on a 1-5 day escape to Baja, Mexico, or somewhere in the US Virgin Islands.
But taking from the famous lines of proliferate gun owners would say, "they can have my laptop and Satelite Cell phone when they pry it from my dead cold fingers." Which my daughter would attest to as being my only vice, over my grave.


well, ya need some time at home...and to see your daughter!!! and phones and computers arent a vice, unless you are naughty with them!! I would love to have a little more adventure in my life...having young kids kinda grounds you!!! some world wide intrigue sounds fun!!!

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