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Who believes that Hilliary "Bill" Clinton will be the worst scenario for this country?

She has no back bone, changes her position, wants higher taxes, more gun control, her voice is more annoying than intimidating to other countries leaders, socialized health care (this isn't working in any other country in the world) more to come

This could be the most trying election in our history. How will people separate the comments made by individuals against Sen. Clinton and Obama from being sexist or bigots? IMHO the lack of any substance to comments that are directly opposed to Clinton or Obama leaves only one possibility that is sexist against Clinton and bigotry against Obama. With respect to the comment about the unborn, please keep in mind that Rudy is on record as pro choice. IT really makes no difference however since thankfully it is a question of the Supreme Court and not the whim of a president to make law.

Billy Jean:

We do not elect the Supreme Court members, we elect the President... Geez Bean, wake up...


Duh, what point do you think I was making? The president does not make laws OR interpret the Constitution therefore is irrelevant concerning the abortion issue. His/Her only chance to influence the court is through appointments to the court, which he has done. We still have a right to choose, thankfully.


i heard there are enough clinton's and bush's to have a dynasty
so far it is still going and Hilliary will be another

Bush Sr., Clinton, Clinton, Bush Jr., Bush Jr., Clinton, H., hmmm????


The only thing worse would be Obama in office!




So who is the (white, male) candidate you endorse?

Let me do some research into the American Nazi Party and look it up for you.

Billy Jean:

It would certainly be the worst scenario for the Unborn !


Pssssst - Rudy is well documented on his pro choice position. It the Supreme Court's decision and not the president who has the say over abortion issues.

Billy Jean:

Boy are you dreaming - the President nominates the Supreme Court judges (Roberts, Alito) and has much influence on abortion... not to mention the bully pulpit... wake up, will you ? Who says Rudy is going to win - you ? ha ha ha


I don't like any of the top 2 candidates. The Dems need someone that is more centered to run.



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