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should anyone who believes in the rapture be allowed to serve in important public seats.


If church and state are seperate why are you asking?


if he is illogical enough to believe in such things, then he will undoubtedly allow his faith to influence policy... many of us dont want faith impressed upon a public chair... it clouds logic... why do you think we have separation of church and state now...


yes - it is more likely a person who doesn't believe in God that will become the person we don't want in power.


I've noticed all the religious, christians anyway,
believe in witches, demons, magic, voodoo, and of course Jesus. That has always seemed strange to me. Primative cultures believe in all this mumbo jumbo except Jesus.
If any dare to not believe in magic and witches that is going against the bible. It seems to me it would be better to have leaders more grounded in reality.


you are very ignorant of christians and what they believe in. I wish you were more informed about what christians believe in. How bad is it to believe in: love your neighbor, do unto other as u want them to do 2 u, respect ur parents, dont steal,dont murder and if u do their will be a price to pay in hell


I'm with ya, snurbart. See how defensive "they" get? The "I wish I could make the whole world a better place", people.


I was going from responses on this site. Whenever the question "Do you believe in witchcraft" is asked 99% of christian responders will say the bible tells them it is evil and they should stay away. Same for magic. They cite verses and whatnot to explain that it is bad.
I am glad to see you are picking and choosing what you want to believe from this book.
I try to live up to the ideals you mention because they are right, not because they are "christian values" with a penalty if not followed.


seriously.. I looked in the bible and it mentions witchcraft twice I will quote from the niv study bible. Deuteronomy chapter 18 verse 10. "Let no one be found among you who scarifices his son or daughter in the fire, who pratices divination or sorcery, intrprets omens, engages in witchcraft or cast spells. The only other place it is referenced is galations 5:20 if ur interested ill tell u what it said


christianity is rooted in paganism... research what you believe...

kudos snubart, christians dont read the evil, maniacal parts of the bible...hmm

bmack, research it... look up the god baal and gahena, and you will know about sacrifice 2000yrs ago...


sure why not. you should read about it. we dont know when but alot of things that are going on are predicited by the bible. if someone other than god predicited the future correctly people would buy ht e book watch the movie...


You threw a lot of tags in this, are you trying to get a rise out of.........?


No....they might disappear. It would probably be best for everyone for religious people to be prohibited from public office in general. Also, those that reject science, should be denied medical treatment.

When an antibiotic resistant strain of a bacteria evolves, and infects a creationist, they should be denied antibiotics.


The "rapture" is only mentioned in Thessalonians I, which has been said to be a letter from the self proclaimed Apostle, St. Paul. If the question is refering to the Book of Revelations aka the Apocalypse, even the early church in all their self righteous curruption hotly debated whether the book should be added to the rest of the Bible mainly because they didn't know whether the dream was from then modern day or the future. They finally decided to add it because it helped to backup their dogma and instill fear to gain power. So my answer to the question is no. Any Christian who does not know the history of their own holy writ is ignorant and therefore not worthy of public office.


yeah, if you look at history, the Apocalypse had always been associated with that point in history... The end has been near for 2000 years... They can always match it to present events, no matter the point in history... A great tool for submission...


He should be allowed to serve as he can do better than a normal person.


the real question is should one who does not believes in the rapture be allow to serve, maybe that why this country is in such a state because a lot of people are not accountable to a higer power.

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