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do people know the law when two cars approach an 4 way intersection face to face want to turn left

but people behind them go around them even though they were there first

I don't know much, but going around a potentially moving car goes against common sense!!! I hope your all right!!!


In California, if there is no stop sign, the cars are allowed to go around the car who wants to turn left as long as they don't have to drive off the pavement to do it. The cars that want to turn left have to wait for the cars that are going straight until it is clear.
If there is a stop sign. The left turn cars should go first before anyone passes them from behind.


what about the person coming the other way that wants to turn left


If there is no stop sign, the car coming from the other way that wants to turn left has to wait for any cars that are coming at him, from behind you, that are going straight. He can turn left when it is safe, meaning when no cars are coming toward him going straight.
If there is a stop sign, it is the same as for you. If the guy facing you got to the stop sign before anyone behind you, they have to wait for him to turn. If he got to the stop sign at the same time as someone coming at him going straight, he has to wait for him to go straight.
Just remember that if you or anyone else is turning left, you have the very last right-of-way and must wait for all cars to go so that it is safe. (Unless you have a green arrow, or got to the 4-way stop sign before anyone else.)

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

Red light...4 way stop?

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