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Ace Investor

If I get a tattoo, will it be a negative towards my application to Medical School?

I have my interview for medical school in approximately one year. I am looking to get a tattoo of the Ferrari Horse on my left shoulder. Not a big one or anything, but just a regular tattoo.Do you think having this (or a) tattoo will lower my admission chances? Is it possible for the interviewers to ask for tattoos? If they were to, should I lie and say I dont have one?What is your guy's opinion or expertise?

Define "regular". I would keep it small and NEVER lie about it. The subject matter would speak for itself.

Regardless, I still oppose them, but I doubt that a modest tattoo would disqualify your chances at med school.


I was about to chastise for defacing the temple, better known as your body ... UNTIL ... you mentioned the subject of the artwork.

The prancing horse of Scuderia Ferrari is completely acceptable ... unless you have it done on your face. That would be REALLY BAD FORM! ;-)

In general, visible tattoos or piercings are ALWAYS a bad idea, regardless of your career. That is, unless you enjoy digging ditches and working on junk cars for the rest of your life.

"Hidden" tattoos may also have an influence on more intimate relationships.

I just think they are dumb ideas that ought to require a 5-day waiting period ... especially when intoxicated. ;-)

2 Cents:

In some places, if you are intoxicated, they aren't supposed to tattoo you.


possibly, it depends what it is. if its ferrari horse then possibly not. and besides its gonna be small. so i don't think so. im not so sure but be careful it might ruin your career and life.


on your shoulder? - NO it will be fine... just wear a shirt that covers it up and when they ask - show it to them ... it is the fire skulls with chains and thorns with gory blood tearing out of your skin tat that might make you think twice~


Like it or not, tatoos carry a negative connotation throughout your life with a lot of people. Now my dad has a teeny tiny anchor on the inside of one arm from his Navy days. But my brother is covered in tatoos from his shoulders down and it has infact been a hindrance in the job world for him at times. Plus, he takes meds for hepatitis, which we all blame on the all the needle work. Yuck. I would say don't do it.

Still Changing:

Ask before you tattoo yourself.


I would think that an exposed shoulder at the time of an interview would destroy your chances, how would anyone know you had a tattoo on your shoulder?


It will not affect your application to medical school. And, it's best never to lie about something like that, ever. It will always come back to bite you in the butt.

Just Me, Always !!:

As long as you don't get a tattoo on your forehead you will probably be fine; however, seriously you may want to research the stigma that follows tattoo's before you get one. I personally have nothing against tattoo's at all but some do especially in the business world.


I have lots! and have been in the health care proffesion for 23yrs.
Being in my 40's I remember punk rock the first time do a lot of my workmates.
ex punks, bikers and goths work alongside others who have no peircings or tattoos. It is the quality of the person that counts....not the colour (or multi colour ) of their skin!
Wouldn't want any distasteful or offensive tatts to be on general show to the puplic though........but that's just commonsense.
Be yourself. If you can't do that how can you be the best advocate for your (future) patients?
Best of luck in both your choice of artist and career!

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