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Can you believe this? In the nation's first-ever $3 trillion budget proposal, President Bush seeks to seal his legacy of promoting a strong defense to fight terrorism and tax cuts to spur the economy. Democrats, who control Congress, are pledging fierce opposition to Bush's final spending plan — perhaps even until the next president takes office.
Ze'_Enigma of Dissidence..!!!:

Republicans have always accused Democrats as the "big spenders." Now Bush has put the "liar" stamp on that claim which was started by Ronald Reagan and his "L" word.

As of the January 31, 2008 under Republican President George W. Bush our government has spent $3,462,879,165,975.59 more than it collected in taxes. It represents a more than 60% increase in US Debt which is currently $9.2 trillion.

Looks like Bush's legacy will be the biggest spender of taxpayers dollars in American History to date.

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