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Is the price per gallon going to drop when we begin to talk with Iran(major OPEC country)?


The price of gas has nothing to do with the middle east as you may believe. It's the doing of our own oil companies.

If you do a google search, you'll see that the last 2 years have been the most profitable in U.S. history for the oil companies or any other company in the world at that.

If everyone would just stop paying 1 particular gas company AT ALL, the prices would drop at least a buck within the span of a month. But you have to hold out. You can't just cave in as soon as it drops 10 cents.

Don't get your hopes up yet though, getting Americans to do anything as a unified group anymore is like herding cats.


I mean, I'm sure the east plays a very minute role, but if anything, our gas should be cheaper.


Well said Zen, I am pretty sure the average American feels more comfortable blaming the middle east for our high gas prices instead of looking at the local refineries. Interestingly, I recall a huge news story about shutting down 50% of Alaskan oil to repair a pipeline, I have never heard if they came back on line or not.


Thanks for the insight Zen


The price of fuel historically drops after Labor Day.

See for yourself.


yes, but not for you


Iran supplied oil is very little in the global markets,OPEC has very little influence on any oil supply business from Iran.Our foreign policy with Iran is nothing that could influence what are the long-term business of Iran oil.Who,do you think,gets Iran oil??Turkey,southern Russian republics,China;who,could we know,brokers and distributes Iran oil,who are the majors(big oil)refineries who works with Iran oil??Britain,europeans,Africa,..??The prices that you pay for unleaded gasoline is not affected by Iran oil.The causes for what we pay for gasoline and oil are so many,Iran is nothing.Gasoline and oil changes seasonal cycles,they could claim it was their foreign policy.

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