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We only have one world why do we consider poorer countries the Third World. Where are the other 2?

That always confused me where is the First and Second Worlds. If we are to consider those less fortunate as The Third world!Thanks CY for your inspiration on this question.

Ski you got it wrong, sry.

During WWII the term First World referred to democrats (that were in side of US) and Second World referred to communist (that were in side of USSR). There were many who did not take either side in the war and they were named Third World.

More info:

P.S. After i typed my answer i looked in wiki for backup and found the term Fourth World.
Honestly, i didn't know that, ty ;o)


The term "First World" refers to countries that are democracies, which are technologically advanced, and whose citizens have a high standard of living.
The term "Second World" is a phrase that was used to describe the Communist states within the Soviet Union's sphere of influence.
The terms First World, Second World, and "Third World" can be used to divide the nations of Earth into three broad categories. "Third World" is a term first coined in 1952 by French demographer Alfred Sauvy on the model of Siey├Ęs's declaration concerning the Third Estate during the French Revolution: "...because at the end this ignored, exploited, scorned Third World like the Third Estate, wants to become something too." The Third World later became a synonym for those nations that aligned themselves with neither the West nor with the Soviet Bloc during the Cold War. Thus, the Non-Aligned Movement was created after the 1955 Bandung Conference.
Least Developed Countries (LDCs or Fourth World countries) are countries which according to the United Nations exhibit the lowest indicators of socioeconomic development, with the lowest Human Development Index ratings of all countries in the world.
Using your resources I found these definitions of the way the world was set up economically.
You started off well but you should have completed reading more on the subject.


well i could have copied n pasted the whole wiki article, then may be you would have said, "perfect answer", but i listed the yourself. Beside, you asked the qn, you need the info not me so i don't find it necessary to read more on the much i know is good to go for the moment.


Not saying you didn't post the back up and not saying the answer wasn't correct but if I didn't read both your answers and the back up your answer wouldn't have been correct. When givng the answer it is good to give the back up but you should also read the article when placing a summary for your answer.
I appreciate the information and I do read it all and You will get my vote for best answer because of your back up you provided. I just hope those who vote also read the back up pages.


From Wikipedia:

The term "Second World" is a phrase that was used to describe the Communist states within the Soviet Union's sphere of influence. Along with "First World" and "Third World",
the term has been used to divide the nations of Earth into three broad
categories. The term has largely fallen out of use since the end of the
Cold War.
The other two 'worlds' are still widely talked about, although "First
World" is now deprecated for the more politically correct "developed country" and "Third World" has been replaced with "developing country".


It's actually funny but you can even go deeper than that sgt. Thanks for your answer.


1st and 2nd were the Allied/NATO aligned countries, and the Soviet Block. If you weren't part of these 2 aliances, then you were in the 3rd world.


Europeans live in a good world (that's one). Americans live in a better world (that's two) All the others are in the third world.

Well, it sounds like bullsh!t because it is. LoL!!


good for five pts how are you harley?


I'm fine, ski. And you? As you probably figured, the 5 points mean nothing to me. I'm going for the entertainment value. LoL!!


LOL evidently


I'm guessing it's because they are so impovrished that it's like another world there. I'm not sure but it may also have to do w/ political structure or the lack thereof.

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