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For those of you who believe in the power of prayer... will you please pray for Slap Daddy?

He is on a plane right now headed to Tulsa, OK, for a two day interview for a really, really good job. He needs it, he deserves it. Please pray for him tonight and tomorrow night for luck during his interview process.Thank you! (P.S. I found the company's clients/customers for him earlier today, but thanks to all those who tried to help)

already have thank god we have him know god ..,he will see we get what we need ,in jesus name keep him safe and let him prosper


thank you ragwoman. :)

Slap Daddy:

Thank you very much, all of you :)


Prayers are on there way and will continue for his interview. Will pray for his safety too:)


oh yeah! don't forget that! lol :) thanks~


hey... how did you find the list???

Dear Lord...please keep our Slap safe...we all just love him!! .... bless the hands of the pilot and co pilot so that they can do their job! He seems really excited about this job, please bless his lips so he says all the right words and may it be your will that he gets this job. In Jesus name Amen....


thank you mom! I found it with a lot, I mean A LOT, of research.


well u cute am out of comments but wiill send really huge good luck wishes and nuts for the plane..... will be fine am sure!!!!!!!! HUGZZZZZZZ


lol.. what's a plane ride without nuts? hehe :) thanks Lacers


Yes I would be glad to prayer for this big opportunity and for his safe traveling as well...Thank you for sharing this with us so we can help out:)


thank you QT! I appreciate it. :)


Hey, EC- I already did. Y'all are nice people, and he deserves that.


thank you russ! He does deserve it, he has worked really hard to better himself and I really pray that he gets this job. :)


I wish him well.


I will eye candy :)

Take care


thank you! :)


Yes, he deserves it. I will pray for a good result on his interview, Eye Candy.


My prayers and thoughts are with you both. Good luck, safe travels and God Bless.


thank you. :)


Consider it done. I think he's a cool guy. You are awesome for being you too.


thank you Jackie! :)


I will certainly wish him the best!


thank you boxermom. :)


You're welcome


will pray for the best candidate & hope he is it


fair enough :)

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