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Bonnie at 360is

How much do people holding signs on the side of the road begging for money make?


More than I do.


Rom the looks of the one I see at the corner on my way home from work I am going with not enough. Makes me thank God for the things i have, and I wish i could help people like him out more.

I know there are some out there who scam to get money. However there are some people out there who really need it. Life for some is just one big nightmare that they can not get out of.

Take care


Rorm should be from lol
Take care


Just a FYI: I used to carry baked beans, mac 'n cheese, the car with me to give to these people [some I'm sure ARE legit--but guess is NOT the bulk]....not ONE would ever take the food from ma {"i don't eat that stuff.." Or some such crap! Couldn't believe it myself!] Then the city starting busting these people and found that only about 10 percent WERE legit. The others [many] had houses, apts, ANIMALS to take car of, many had a decent running car....most were pulling in about $500/day and put the poor to shame: having TV'S, microwaves, 1--or--2 cars for their family, a few also had jobs...etc...It really kind [temporarily anyway:)] blew my confidence in mankind!:(


One last hthng: I believe that I have been blessed---FAR more than I could ever had imagined throughout my life and certainly compared to many I know. As such i consider it my responsibility to give much of what I have...won't be 'giving" it at the intersections that these people choose to go into business for themselves....sound harsh but I'd MUCH rather give to someone truly in need:)
Apologies for the verbosity Lisa--just consider the source-ha!


Around much as $500/day according to an investigation a year or two ago.

Texas Girl:

tarpon sps. fl. the man on the corner of 19 & 19a drives a great big pretty car, he keeps it parked around the corner, have watched him many times. does have a prosthesis on one leg and plays it to the hilt, sure the gov, is paying him well.

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