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Does anyone know about "refunds" from the IRS.... I'm trying to find something out for a friend..

She is sure she is getting a refund.. and every time i google it just say's stuff about Rebate Scams?? Any help is much appreciated

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Go to . You can link to all lthe help and anwers needed there.


A refund from the IRS is a pretty normal thing. Here's how it works.

As you work throughout the year, money is withheld from your paycheck to pay your income tax. Note that this is an ESTIMATED amount. At the end of the year, you calculate your total income (which could include multiple jobs or interest earned) and determine how much you actually owe. Then you compare how much you paid throughout the year with how much you actually owe. If you owe more than you paid, you have to pay the rest to the IRS. If you paid more than you owe, however, you get that extra money refunded to you.

There is nothing strange about IRS refunds.

That said, there are some scams floating around out there. For example, the IRS will not send you an email telling you that you are eligible for a refund, so if you receive such an email then it is a phishing scam.,,id=151065,00.html

There are other scams, but none target as many people as the email phish. Here's one that's happening in Atlanta this year.​m0129.html

You didn't give us enough details to determine if your friend is actually being scammed or just had too much money held out of her paychecks. Search the IRS website if you like, maybe you can find what you're after there.


what exactly is the question about the refund?


Calling Russ, are you there? Jacque, direct your question to our resident genius Russ.


what i seen is they have them on hold because they did not include the poor and veterans disabled.

Go to the primary source for all your tax refund questions.  IRS.GOV
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