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Set up wireless bridge between two wired networks.

I want to connect my office to an office across the street (approx. 100-120 FT). We want to bridge our office to their Cogent. I have tried using 3com's access points but they are too weak. We connected them so that they have direct line of sight. They would both be sitting next to a window and they would "physically" be able to see each other. What are better options to actually get this to work? Maybe a better bridge like a higher end Cisco or something else? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Insufficient information.

I have had sporadic results with wireless networking products. All can be susceptible to a variety of maladies.

If you have already experienced poor performance with decent hardware (3COM), you may have a serious problem that ANY other hardware may experience.

Are there any high voltage service panels or large electric motors in the area where you placed your access points? If so, relocate the access points.

You may also want to install high-gain antennae and amplifiers to overcome other signal issues. Please keep in mind that you want the highest order of security, since you will be announcing to the world that you have data to be stolen. Every war driver in town will park in the immediate area and try hacking into your networks.

Stay paranoid!

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