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Cutey with a booty

Forget about Recession, is USA heading towards a depression? Thoughts?

Never have I imagined in my life I would witnessed another depression. Is that a possibility? Is the fate sealed?

It does seem very creditable thought this morning! I have been up all night reading the financial news and watching the talking heads describe the crisis we face. As the meltdown saga continues,of late, we all have cause for concern. Now affecting foreign nations banking sytems as well who own the debt created by GB & Ass ociates.


The fate isn't sealed yet. But it does seem to be getting closer by the week. So far the Banking System appears to have been able to plug each leak that has occurred. When that no longer happens and we see a chain reaction of bank failures...then all bets are off.

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

First the country has to go through two quarters....6 months....of negative growth to be in a recession.....this hasn't happened....I thought you knew this....perhaps I misjudged you.

Cutey with a booty:

I am asking if we are heading towards... GDP growth data usually lags behind actual economic progress by about a quarter.

Billy bo jankins:

My depression is because of this recession


Best answer, fla vet! I sort of feel that way too.

Dollar brand:

Yes it looks that away, no matter what we try to do to keep the financial situations going, they keep failing, which keep leading to lost of Jobs. I am glad this stuff don't happen but once a century, I heard, sometimes I have to pinch myself............. Is this really happening..........


oh yes, that's why we've been warned for YEARS to be self-sufficient!

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