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Do you think the congress allowed the economy to get worse so A Democrat could win the white house?

The current Congress has an approval rating even lower than President Bush. Congress has much more control over economic factors than the President does. A bad economy would favor A democratic nominee for President. Do you think that they could have done more to help the economy but did not because it would help republicans win the white house? Should we reward that by Electing a Democrat to the Presidency? I have seen arguments that they only have a slim margin and not enough to override a Bush veto so they could not do anything but is that an excuse to not try at least you are on the record for making an attempt?Do you think John McCain would play that kind of political game considering his stand on the surge?

Demon check out the top two related questions on the right side of the screen.


Yeah i saw those and I firmly believe Bushes low ratings are because of his management of the war not because he went to war. I also know there was a scandal in Ca. in the 2004 election cycle where democrats were caught on tape planning to hurt CA. economy to help Democrats.​s-down-open-mic-califunny.html

Slap Daddy:

Interesting and possible


Funny! Congress has been respoinsible for the Economic trends since Clinton. If you ask me,, they are the reason why the economic trends exist. No one complains when the housing market was in full bloom.. but now.. it's all Bush's fault, or McCain 44.. (nickname if you watch CNN). This is just more reason why Democrats should not control Congress. People think it's time for "change".. yet Congress has been run by Democrats for many years. You're absolutely correct, Demon of Light, (smart person you are)... Congress is in Power, not the President. I say we start blaming Pelosi, lol.

John McCain's stand on the surge has nothing to do with economy. I'm a huge GOP supporter, and I myself would like to hear a strong stance on what he intends to do regarding that issue.


My point on his stand on the surge is he would not play those kind of games damaging America for political gain. He'd rather loose an election than tank the economy to win one.


The current congress has nothing to do with the economic crisis. Check WolfyXXIX question & my reply (too long to retype) His question was "Can anyone explain why the banking industry is in such a mess?"...should be on page 7 thru 10 or around there)


the link for your argument is here​BC8C&pUrl=ShowUser.aspx%3fuid%3d1A63624E9DE146D2BF643A02C7A01F0B​%26view%3d1%26c0%3dAAo%3d%26c1%3dAAA%3d%26page%3d1%26d%3dbawXyQ%3d%3d
However you point to how it was deregulated and who was involved in deregulating it but nowhere did you explain how the deregulation is responsible for the current crisis.

it also is not related to this question in full the current economy is not where it is only because of the deregulation of banking. As a matter of fact the deregulation of banking seemed to have a positive effect on the economy for a number of years. Is the deregulation of banking responsible for the current banking crisis or is the current banking crisis a symptom of other economic factors? If it is deregulation than why haven't all banks gone under?

If deregulation is bad then why didn't the congress pass regulations since Jan. 2007? If they had and Bush vetoed his bad.


ridiculous .get a grip!


back up your statement please.


I really wish you would.


Isn't it fun delivering reality checks?


Yes,through ther non partisanship voting . NANCY PELOSI and her SOCIALIST views and the desire to get OBAMA in office


Obama and Biden DID vote against sending the money allocated to the "Bridge to Nowhere" to rebuild a levy and a street in New was a good idea to send that money where it'd do some good, but they couldn't let a republican have that idea.


They'd sink NewOrleans to make the other side look bad.


EXCUSE ME!!!! Obama and Biden voted TWICE for the bridge, over Katrina funding. GBOB,, you have this completely wrong, my friend. Senator Tom
Coburn earmarked the funding, but twice both Senators supported the project, while McCain NEVER voted on it!


I did check, and the funding is still sitting in limbo, it was in limbo when it was suggested that the money be moved to New Orleans, Biden and Obama voted against it.

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