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Red Dragon

How does fast food contribute to economy's growth of a country?

Please give me statistics to back up the points. I need long answers. For debate purpose.
Red Dragon:

I have gotten points for:
-the tax that we pay when we purchase the food (anyone knows how tax contributes in detail?)
-job opportunities
-poultry meat

Globally Interested:

Oops. Hit a wrong key.

you should be able to find some pertinent statistics on these sites.


Hello Shobana:

Did you know that the Fed. Gov. now counts fast food workers into the % of new jobs in the USA.

Now, ask why did they do that? Why would Mc.Jobs with some of the highest turnover rates & lowest pay be counted into the new job counts?


buy sale buy and sale jobs.


Fast food kills a huge number of people each year, thereby giving the same economic growth to a smaller population.

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