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QnAers => I need your opinion on anarcho-communism & capitalism!


Yep, that's the link. I of course did not write all that, but it perfectly represents my views/opinions.


My opinion is that communism in any form promotes even more envy as well as depression. It's as if it doesn't pay to work harder or care as much. It promotes lethargy and laziness until no one is pulling their own weight.
Capitalism promotes hard work, ingenuity and invention, as well as attempts to create things and create more businesses, thus increasing employment opportunities for others.
Anarcho or anarchist communism can occur INSIDE of capitalism, like through churches and organizations. This type really promotes improvements for others. :)


"It's as if it doesn't pay to work harder or care as much. It promotes lethargy and laziness until no one is pulling their own weight."
If you recieve more compassion and love, you are more likely to give it out. The more gifts you recieve, the more you feel obligated to give. The more respect you gain, the more likely you are to show respect to others. Therefore, craving for such things, or being greedy for love, solace, and respect, is a natural feeling.


And I stand that you can have your cake and eat it (or share it) too. lol. My believe is that I "need" not just for myself, but to give to others. I work harder to be able to do that. When those who wish to help & give are able to do so it works better than to fit everyone into the same mold. :)

Ssfury: my comment under my answer here:​82FC
It's a downward spiral that I see for this reason. I feel there has to be motivation. I see your's interesting, but I see this other side too.


I understand, Ceecee :)


Hi SebK, I did have a couple of points about your words here - you say that capitalism creates a power pyramid, with the few people (who have the most money) holding sway over the many folks (with less money). However, the success of Mike Huckabee on Super Tuesday flies in the face of this argument - to my own disbelief, I must add! It proves that the guy with little or no money could still defeat a once invincible Mitt Romney with his limitless fortunes.

Also, your typical democratic structure is not so disjoint from the capitalistic structures - in functional democracies you will have people vote for lowest-level leaders, who vote for higher-level leaders, who vote for even higher-level leaders and so on, till you get to the top. Similarly, in capitalism, the workers will work for small businesses (or the smallest divisions of large companies) who work for bigger businesses (or divisions) and so on, all the way to the biggest companies in any given industry. You see, the vote of every voter does indeed get the same weight in our system, just as the value of every dollar is the same in the economy. The capitalist question then is who can maximize the return on his/her own investment, same as in the democratic process where every participant (from the presidential candidate to the individual voter) tries to maximize the effectiveness of his/her vote. Of course there are shortcomings, but as Ceecee notes, elements of the present system can and must be modified to achieve a better equilibrium.

What is important, however, is that the present economic as well as political systems do indeed value and reward the smarter investors (of both financial as well as political capital). This reward based system encourages competition (as you correctly pointed out) but it is not negative just because it engenders a feeling of envy in one who is less successful. To stop competing for this reason looks to me like suggesting that we all stop


Hi Trepid,
Thank you vrey much for your comment. Because of my weak english and poor knowledge, I won't be able to answer it.
You also may be right. Maybe I'm too utopic?

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