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J Man

How can you compromise when you want to cut back on certain expenses and the other person doesn't

want to cut back on the socializing? (which involves paying for drinks and so on)

Are you the Federal government? If not, then you need a budget. Lay it out on paper. Show the costs in a matter-of-fact manner. Have people over instead of going out. One word -- Costco!

J Man:

If I worked for the Federal Government I wouldn't be making unnecessary cuts, besides I have a disability. We rarely go out except to a place where we listen to the blues, plus I'm a colllege student


You can still go out, just control expenses when out. Drinks are bars can break the bank. And enjoy the blues. So to speak. Great music, a gift to the world from the Delta.


Drink ripple at home LOL

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

You can't.......Ends up either losing money or being a wash.....No chance of saving money......Next!!!!!!!!!!

J Man:

that's what I thought . To my boyfriend going to the Sand Dollar Blues Lounge is his only way of socializing to listen to the music but at the same time we're paying for drinks

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