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Where is our economy headed?

Some say that we are close to the bottom of the recent market drops. Others have said we might end up in a depression. What is your take?

We are near (or at) the
bottom of the stock market cycle. Don't forget the stock market prices
reflect collective future opinions, therefore more bad news will
follow, and smart buyers jump in now. But the bad news in the future, will
cloud buyers to wait until everything is rosy to buy. Buy on panic /
sell on greed, will always work, guaranteed.


Wherever we are headed I am prepared I stand behind our country 100%!!! We have seen good times and we have seen bad. We as a country are extremely new!!! We have been spoiled and think we deserve everything. It may be the time that as a nation we have to struggle a bit. I am not going to diss my country because we are on the brink of a depression. This is the time we all need to stand united and fight for what the USA stands for.


well i admire your comment, but the question wasn't about your loyalty. it was about the economy. all you have to do is watch the markets to realize that the government has overspent in the last 8 yrs and has pushed its economy to the brink of failure. i am not saying the next administration will be any better. the cold hard facts are this: the only way to get out of a recession is encourage your people to spend money, spending generates the economy. added to that the government must increase taxes to help pay off the astronomical debt it has accummulated. and finally, the government must stop corporate america from buying up smaller companies creating monopoly markets. these monopoly markets have too much power. they not only dictate to you what to see, buy and do, they influence the government policies that aid their efforts to expand.


That may very well depend on who wins the election. And then how much of their plan they actually try to put in place or how much opposition they encounter. I would be willing to wager we will not see universal health care regardless.


We are in trouble as of now.

John P:

Slavery under the dictatorship of obama.

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