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Jims best angle

Has anyone thought about just not paying their debts?

The vast majority of people pay there bills and their mortgages on time or pretty close to on time every month, year in, year out.Should we just stop paying, and when the bank calls tell the person on the other end "I made my payment last April 16th to the IRS. Ask the Feds for your payment. Do not call me again"Why should we (the responsible people) be paying twice?
John P:

No. I pay what I owe. Sometimes like all others we do without to pay.

Brian P. O'Gorman:

Thought about it!? I dream about it! But know it's not a good idea, so I lick the envelope and put the stamp on anyway.


As long as you are willing to live under a bridge and eat in a soup line go for it.

Brian P. O'Gorman:

Indeed. They are my bills to pay, no one elses.

Jims best angle:

"They are my bills to pay"
It would be refreshing to hear more people with such convictions these days


nope not as long as I have an income.... anything other than that would be stealing....

Jims best angle:

You do not mind people stealing from you then I guess?


Well let's ask the republicans it's on their watch!!!

Jims best angle:

I am sorry, who has been in charge of the congress the last two years almost.
What proactive steps exactly have Harry Reed or Nancy Pelosi taken ?


I pay my obligations. This I was taught years ago by my parents. They never had a credit car or loan. Yes times have changed but I pay my credit as it is very valuable!


I buy repossessed foreclosed houses. It would be great for me.


There was some comedian, I can't think of his name, that made the same point:

He said, "You send all of this tax money to the US Government, and you think, well, at least, they'll feed the hungry. They'll house the homeless. But, no. They take the $5,000 I send them, and they go out and buy, oh, a hammer."

"So, this year, I claimed I had 18 kids. My tax bill came to nothing. But then, the IRS called me, and said, 'HEY! You don't have 18 kids!'"

So, I sent them a hammer.

"Here's two hammers. Don't call me next year."


ROFL!! That's brilliant! Thanks for a great laugh!

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