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If our economy is slowing, does that mean immigration is slowing as well?

Is the Peso is looking more and more valuable compared to the Dollar?

thats a very interesting question


No, they still can't find a better deal elsewhere, and since most of their economies are tied into ours they will feel what happens to us on a delayed reaction.


Of course, that's the situation up here, but most of our resident aliens are legal.....and speak Russian.


There have been a number of reports of immigrants returning to their native lands due to the tightening of ID checks, plus the downturn of jobs in many sectors. They are also spreading the word back home to stay home.


pb I hope this is true.


I dont think so.... course the more jobs that are moved to other countries then maybe they will stay there.. but I am thinking they still want to come here for the freedoms and the wages...


nada senor

John P:

Why? No matter what the government is going to give the immigrants, legal and illegal benefits, bofore it gives anything to Americans.

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