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The Oracle

Round 2: Now the Senate will vote on a bail-out bill......Well, we survived the first rejection, so,

do we still really need this?
The Oracle:

....On the other hand, three auto dealerships closed in one day in San Francisco (Chevrolet), one had been in business 65 years..claiming they can no longer compete....


Now, those are the REAL predatory lenders.


Oracle, read the following...​rd-won't-sell-in-us.aspx

And, then in a few years you'll hear Ford, GM, and Chrysler say "we need another bail-out...we didn't see this diesel car boom coming; we're not ready for it; we can't compete; and we need to out-source more jobs, lower wages and lay off workers"


They better vote no. When WAMU has enough money to pay a CEO 19 million dollars after running the company into the ground, then they have enough money already. Let them fare for themselves. Fannie and Freddie handed out several hundred thousand $ 0 stock options to their insiders over the last few months which they cashed in for huge profits. That money should have been kept to keep the company solvent. Congress need to heavily regulate the compensation for the corporate officers. They are virtually skimming money off the top and paying only capital gains taxes when they should be paying income and social security taxes on these windfalls they vote for themselves. I say no way. Let the market find it's true level and let the weak ones go under. The strong companies with good fundmentals will buy up the weaker ones and the market will bounce back again.

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