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How come politicians/law makers will not financially bail out working class Americans when they fall

How come politicians/law makers will not financially bail out working class Americans when they fall upon hard times but will gladly use American tax payer dollars to spend billions to bail out large corporations that have financial down turns through their own incompetence?

If Bear Stearns had been allowed to "go under," and millions had lost their money market balances and other cash instruments, our whole financial foundation would have collapsed...or very close to it. Bear Stearns suffered a run on the bank, so to speak. When it happened, I myself moved $$ out of several brokerage accounts I have. Had our government not stepped in -- just EXACTLY as they now do with FDIC insurance in banks -- there would have been a run on every brokerage house in the country.

How would you have our politicians and lawmakers bail you out, GFunk? Can you not bail yourself? Is unemployment not enough? Disability social payments? Welfare? Food Stamps? What else?????


Actually I have a good paying job that I enjoy at the moment so I dont need a bail out. I understand that we cant bite the hand that feeds so to speak but I find it odd that so many educated working class Americans have had their jobs shipped over seas and are struggling to feed themselves and their children. Many are too proud for social programs such as welfare and simply would prefer to work for an honest wage. A bail out dosent necessarily mean financial compensation. How about cheap education and government appointed jobs? How about in the 40's when they created massive jobs for most Americans (white Americans) which lead to the booming 50's? This was a bail out of sorts and helped because people were productive and able to pay their own way and many became home owners and passed their accumulated monies onto their children. Where we stand now this dosent seem like it will be possible for the majority of our society.


Thoughtful comments, GFunk. Interesting. Cheap education through high school is, of course, already true. Government-appointed jobs? I suuure wouldn't be for that. Government is ALREADY too big. And anything the government can do, the private sector can do better. The 40's -- that part of that was the CCC camps that were set up to work on national parks. Could you see something like that today? The unions would GO NUTZ!!!

I think our country has gone over the edge as far as "consumerism" is concerned. Our government tells us to spend-spend-spend. When we should have stay-at-moms that don't need jobs outside the home because they WANT a 4 bedroom, 2-1/2 bath, fairy-tale two-story monster to feed. We are spending ourselves broke. As a government...and as families. We're in a mess. You see the government reports...OMG!!!!!! Spending stayed THE SAME!!!! We're in a recession!!! So they send us $600 of our money to SPEND MORE. Sorry, I'm ranting here!! ;-)


Great comments and insight Maggie. We are a nation of borrows and consumers. I just paid out all my debt so fortunately I am borrowing no money and actually have a bit left for saving. Part of the issue is being able to differentiate want from need. If you must borrow in order to purchase a need then perhaps that is not so bad. It's all the borrowing we do for wants that create so many problems. When I went through high school I never had a class or even a portion of a class that taught basic check book balancing and saving/spending responsibly. Not every (in fact most) households dont spend responsibly and so we tend to create consumers in our children. When I go to the store I constantly have to tell my children that we are not buying this food or that food product based upon the character on the box. We buy for the substance within the box. They still only see the hero with the cape on the box as do many Americans.


How many times was Bush bailed out by the Saudi's? how much money has been given to the Democrats and Republicans by the companies now getting Government funding? how much money does the average joe Public contribute to the main parties?.

If Bush believed giving money to those in difficulty would gaurantee another republican president in november he would give it, the fact is that where the money is needed is not an area that the Republicans are likely to win anyway.


Interesting. Thanks G.

Porkenstein AKA Pork, Porky, Porkens:

Uh. Politicians don't bail out anyone. That is our money they are throwing around.


Because people are not voting in their best interest. They vote for politicians who are making sure that their friends are well taken care of.


I think that there is more to it but I definitely agree with you on your point.


I think that the idea of handouts for anyone is troubling. Yes, I have had food stamps and Medicaid before when I broke my ankle and was unable to work (trust me, it would have been pretty hard being a cna on crutches and no one else was willing to hire me-they took one look and saw missed work due to dr's appts). The part that troubles me is when people fail to read the fine print and then get into trouble, or companies make risky decisions on who to do business with and then they get burned THEN these people and companies want to be bailed out of a situation that they created.


Yes, part of my point exactly. Many Americans are in a financial crunch through no fault of their own and are hungry. Many large corporations create their own financial problems and our government is very quick to assist this corporation but not so much your average American citizen. Handing out money rarely resolves issues. A "bail out" should not consist of social programs that give away money but rather allows for creating working jobs and job placement for those willing to work for an honest wage.


they take care of there own damn them


At least they do a good job at something.


How much does "John or Jane Doe" contribute to their campaigns? How much does "John and Jane Doe" pay them for "Speaking" fees? Now, how much do corporations pay?


I think your on to something there.

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