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Why is socialism good for liberals, but big government is bad?

Aren't they the same thing? Open to all the same forms of corruption but without free market competition?

One of the main features of the Great American Debate is the perversion of basic political terms. The far right, for instance, has succeeded in promoting the myth that "liberalism equals socialism equals big government." In reality, there are a great many distinct and opposing ideologies on the left. These include:
Social Democracy
Mutualist anarchism
Social anarchism


and the differences between socialism and big government taking control are what exactly?


Liberals do not desire to blatantly give hand outs; they do want to reach out their hands to help when need be,
The Liberal/Democratic philosophy is based on what Jesus preached & how Jesus lived. The way we treat our poor and hurting defines how we would treat Him.
Liberals believe helping those & advocating for those who are less fortunate is a much nobler and inherent policy to follow. Years ago, the Democratic party was the one Christians and religious people gravitated to. Over the years the Republican/Conservative party, via preachers and other right wing pundits, was able to entice some religious party members away by focusing on conservative hot button topics (abortion, homosexuality, etc.).
The Republican ideology was initially designed to help the most fortunate remain wealthy. This has evolved to include catering to big business.
We constantly see examples of Republican tenets whenever the government bails corporations out when they get into financial difficulties, yet people losing their homes to foreclosure are told by a Republican nominee to "get a second job & skip your vacations."
You will constantly hear labeling, (socialism, communism,, Marxist, etc) & stereotyping (welfare recipients, illegal immigrants, etc) from Conservatives in an attempt to justify their positions and to degrade the morals and factual ideology of Liberals.
Now, when someone calls a person a "Liberal" this has somehow become perverted to connote something bad, which it is not and never was.


"get a second job & skip your vacations."

Oh great. A tool explaining Republicans. You neglected to mention that Republicans got started helping out farmers and opposition to slavery. You also conveneiently neglected to mention democrat's history of supporting slavery and opposing civil rights. You could also throw in the fact that the democrats are the ones who have handed out the most anti-gay laws.
As for that quote you threw in, well it's BS at it's finest:


Oh and let's not forget the "War on Poverty" which has taken 40+ years and trillions of dollars, no "exit strategy" and no accomplishment other than to destroy millions of inner city families (mostly black). That's another example of how the left keeps "certain people" in grinding poverty so that they can tell them it's the bigoted Republicans who are doing it to them and that they "need" the democrats as their saviors.

That's how you keep 'em on the DNC plantation.


Because we have people who want to use "the system" for all it is worth without "big brother" interfering in their lives. I consider myself to be neither conservative nor liberal. I do believe in very short term help for those who need it (My family went on welfare after my dad walked out right after I was born. My mother had no one to watch me or my older brother, so she stopped working. As soon as I started school, she went off welfare and started working again. That is how these programs should work). I believe that charity is a good thing, and there is no shame in needing a little help, but government should limit how much help it gives. We should not rely on the government, but on ourselves directly, to take care of ourselves and those around us.


The liberals will not be happy until we have timers on our water and lights and when they charge us per mile instead of per gallon.


They are the same thing ,but I don't remember them saying they are for either phrase.


Socialist healthcare for one. Taking away our profits and tax cuts "for the common good". Suppression of non-party approved speech with "fairness doctrines", speech zones and political correctness. "Hate (thought) Crimes" laws.

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