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Illegal immigration is down due to the sagging US economy. Is that a good thing? Why or why not?


I'm not sure that the sagging economy is what's keeping more illegal's out {in fact I'd have to see a couple of links to believe it}....but....I do the increase in enforcement [DUH--should of started out w/ the laws on our books and just started enforcing them FIRST--my opinion] making a big difference. I live along the !-25 corridor which is a MAIN corridor to smuggle drugs out of mexico and into Denver then further north Detroit, NYC...etc...and we've had fewer arrest because the smugglers are now taking different routes---AND---avoiding those towns [like many in Colorado] who are beginning to ask immigration questions. Good Q, Hank:))


If they are illegal, who's counting? Is the count dependable?

QB Kate:

Why do you think the economy is the answer. Perhaps it is because all of your jobs are now in Mexico and life is much better ther. Maybe they don't want to leave anymore.


I think it tells us that things aren't fine here. If people prefer to stay put, they must have a very good reason to do so.

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