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True or false: The Bush rebates will temporarily suppress the symptoms of inflation and recession,

The rebates will not solve anything. If the trillions being spent on the two wars were spent on our own country, it would make a profound beneficial difference towards our own economy.

That depends on the definition of "our" in your question.


They won't do anything... but I will spend it.
FYI - I got my check today.


Yes, It's Kinda like putting a BANDAID on the problem's, Temporary Relief.


False, the government will get it back one way or another.

Doctor Woot:

Hello my friend


hey tank!

Samuel Deva:

it's always been a "boom or bust" economy here...

Doctor Woot:

This matters not much at all, as most will use them to pay debt, as matter of fact that may not be a bad thing. But to think this will effect the economy in anyway if false and someone's version of "Alice"


I can't imagine the minimal amount of this rebate stimulating anything. For the maximum amount you can possibly receive won't make an average mortgage payment for many and the least amount you can receive won't buy a bill of groceries to last through a week. The only possible thing you could do with it is find where it's most needed in your present condition based on the value of it and apply it there.
The only stimulus this will provide is an ego boost to those who feel they've done their good deed for the day in American politics.

Samuel Deva:

"mere pennies for the paupers"...


May I ad lib here with "lets salt the tails of the bluebird so it can't fly"?


Without security, the economy collapses. Why do you think the World Trade Towers were picked as targets? Symbolic? Or because in those towers, much of the money that flowed through our economy was handled?

Samuel Deva:

the dollar is worth nil--- and your idea of security is nil also...

Samuel Deva:

this money means exactly- "NADA, NOTHING, ZILCH"... Most spend more a year on pure frivolities of life...


False. The money will go to paying off bills and credit cards.


I doubt these rebates will stimulate anything. Bush needed to do something to pretend he cares!


You're right.
This is the first time in nearly 8 years he has done something for the country, and not the military. The main reason it was done is because he did not want the economy to tank completely while he was in office, and get credit for it.


They will do exactly what they did the last time, not a thing. I'm sending mine back in the form of a quarterly IRS payment, bet that'll put the breaks on the economy and gas prices. $


you said it, the rebates will not solve anything.



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