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Mac....Of Moot and Mac

Can the Federal Government of the U.S tax its way out of economic woes....Real or percieved?

Explain how this would actyally work, please.

I dont think so...... we dont need more taxes we need responsible spending...


No. It needs to cut things out as well. Some of the social services have to go. Some of tax breaks too. Some of the state special projects need to go to. But of course no politician will tell people that because of the deficit that that bridge they wanted built is just not going to happen.

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

Very must be torn


The tax breaks actually bring in revenue. Why would you get rid of something that brings you money?


I do not get the tax break. In fact I usually end up paying, even after choosing that the most money be taken out of my check on the W2. So I have no real reason to support tax breaks. What revenue is it bringing in? So people can spend their money at giant wal-marts who are supplied by Chinese companies. Last I checked, Wal-Mart generally does not keep the money locally.


Just because I am a liberal does not mean I am not a realist either. I know things are going to have to be sacrificed. I do not have to like it though.


The only way to get out of the economic woes is to live within the budget. Obviously our government failed Economics 101.


Only if the president and congress take a class in elementary economics. They will raise taxes and end tax cuts and deductions, it is simply too much money walking by for them not to take some.

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